Artist Statement

To me, art celebrates the beauty in life, whether joy or pain there is always beauty. I am most inspired by nature, unexpected kindness, whimsy, and witty humor.

My emotional state inspires me to create. Typically, my ideas come to me when my mind is quiet, like when drinking my morning coffee, or while reading a book, tending the garden, or walking my dogs. 

Once the idea takes hold I will research obsessively online and in the library. Creating a collage of images helps me visualize what direction the painting needs to take. 

I like to gather all of my materials and prepare the space completely. I enjoy laying in the lines for the underpainting in one long sitting, Even though the painting is just an outline, I can see it in its entirety at this point. Over the course of several sessions, the work will be finished. 

From when the idea flitters into my head, until I put the final brush stroke on the canvas, this connected artistic process is when I feel most alive and infused with creative energy.

I hope my art brings joy to those who view it and encourages them to always look for the beauty around us and in us.

:)Christine Wallbom

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